Since God is love, all that He makes is an expression of love, and is intended to reveal love. Thus nothing was designed to live for itself. Especially the intelligent beings were created for other-centered love to be the core motivation of their existence. He desired these other beings to have the ability ever to learn and thus grow in experience and knowledge of love. His method of encouraging this development is two-fold. One is the very reaching out of love to the other, which involved reaching down if to a lesser. And inherent in this reaching out is the principle of treating the other as he can be, not as he is. This principle is called faith. From the evidences given, faith grasps the unseen realities and potentials, and chooses them as the framework of action in relating to God and others, in dependent trust and enabling confidence. These amazingly simple ways of relating are how His universe operates, love believing all things, and faith working by love. This standard of doing the daily business of His vast realms is so essential, so valuable, it is called by a term that has great value to us. It is the gold. And as this is the only way to live, the truth of how He Himself functions, when Messiah came down to us to reveal this core quality of God, He called Himself the way, the truth, and the life.