Of these Three, the One who has ever been the special connection to the created ones is the Son. Though They all are Creator, He has been the main agent of creation. As He relates to everything created, He reveals another aspect of the other-centered love. God is humble, that is, He willingly goes down to the lesser ones to give and to fellowship. From the record, the first going down was to those shining intelligences created to serve closest to God. Thus He became Michael, the One who is like God, to the angels. His position was the archangel, the first among them. Also, since the Son is the One of the Godhead who is Their expression, especially to all intelligent creatures, He is called the Word. As Their chosen One for purposes also related to extreme creature needs, He also came to be called Messiah or Christ. Because of our current condition, we have a hard time seeing that such humility is true greatness, and that such a humble One who came down the farthest is actually the Highest of all.