A barrier against the lie

But in this blessed place there was one reminder of the lie. In His wisdom God picked a tree, apparently near the tree of life in the midst of the garden, and called it the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Before the beginning

For all eternity, past and future, God is love. Since this love is other-centered, not self-centered, He was never only self. He is Master of space and time.

Elements of the conflict

Thus at the very beginning of The Story on this earth, the key elements of the battle that still exists were laid out in the events recorded:

Glory and desolation

Abraham’s family further revealed the victory that faith brings, from the child of promise (the son of faith, Isaac) through the overcoming grandson (Israel, the one who prevailed with God-dependence after battling self, the deceitful Jacob).

Our day: the final appeal of genuine love

It is here and now that we find ourselves in this, The Story of stories. God has imparted unprecedented prosperity, technical knowledge, and peace to enable this final mission.

Relating to the created

Of these Three, the One who has ever been the special connection to the created ones is the Son. Though They all are Creator, He has been the main agent of creation.

The beginning of the end

In God’s providence the seeds of the truth eventually burst into new life, growing for the final showdown.