For all eternity, past and future, God is love. Since this love is other-centered, not self-centered, He was never only self. He is Master of space and time. They have always served Him as His dwelling place through which He can pass at will. Since He is the Creator, all created things had beginnings. At some point He brought them into existence, placing them in His space and time also as dwellers, but subject to them, not masters as He. Having beginnings, His creation could not have been His focus from eternity. Before the existence of these created things, the Others His life was centered on, were equal to Him. We are told, by way of describing Them in terms we can grasp, that there were always Father, Son, and Spirit. These titles describe the amazing functions They each have chosen, but do not depict Their nature. That peculiar quality of being which explains their constitution or existence has not been revealed. But in terms of character and relationship, it has been shown that they are equal, are one, and are love. This equality and oneness means They are united in this relationship in a way we cannot fully grasp. They speak, with no contradiction, of both “I” and “We”, of “Me” and “Us”, of “My” and “Our.” The unity of Their relationship includes being one in thought, purpose, and mission. And in the midst of all this oneness, for this love to be genuinely Other-centered in this primary of all relationships, these three self-existent but not self-focused Ones are separate Beings, individually distinct. These Three are God. And being the Creator of all, the source of all that is love, the first, the beginning, They are called the Godhead.