After this controversy began, our world was created as another expression of His love and power. He spoke and it was done. And He said, “Let Us make man in Our image,” and They did, first the man, Adam, and then the woman, Eve. Male and female together were to reflect what He is like, other-centeredness making one of more than one. Out of that blessed oneness, others would come, to multiply the representations of this glorious image, each living for the others. Thus they were given dominion over the earth and all in it, to care for it as He was caring for them. Since this nurturing could not imagine the taking of life, they were to live by eating the fruit of the plants, partaking of the life God had placed in them. Weekly, in commemoration of their first full day with Him, they were to rest on His sanctified day, content in this blessed reminder of who He was and what He had done in reaching out for them. The rest of the time they were active in caring for others, including the garden in which He placed them, Eden, the place of other-centered pleasure. Anywhere and anytime, they could find Him who is Master of space and time. But to meet them where they were as subjects of space and time, and to give a window into His reality in the same dimensions, He chose a special place and day in which to meet them. He knew that otherwise it would be more likely for them to lose touch with Him. In the impersonal thought that He is everywhere, it would not be far for them to go to think the non-personal thought that He was nowhere. He is, as we have seen, above all a personal God. And so His other-centeredness demands that He meet them in a special and tangible way.